Trust Wallet is a  cryptocurrency wallet to store your favorite BEP2, ERC20, and ERC721, tokens. You can send your crypto to the trust wallet or receive crypto from the trust wallet. Wazirx is the best crypto exchange platform in India. In this post we are going to see How to Transfer Perpetual Protocol (PERP) From Wazir X to Trust Wallet – Simple Method.


How to Install Trust Wallet on Android Mobile

The best place to download Trust Wallet is from the Play Store. Trust also offers an APK to download, however, it is not recommended to download the APK unless you are using a Google-free, security-focused Android OS like Graphene OS.

How to Create a Wallet on Trust Wallet

Step 1 – Launch Trust Wallet

launch of the app, you will be presented with the screen below which is the part where you can “Create a New Wallet” or “Import” an existing one. For this guide, we will select on Create a New Wallet.



Step 2 – Accept Terms of Usage

In order to proceed, you would need to accept the Terms of Usage. Simply put a check mark at the box then press on Continue. No turning back now.

If you agree to to the terms of usage please be aware that, losing your recovery phrases will also mean that you lose access to your wallet.



Step 3 – Save your Recovery Phrase

This is the most important part of your crypto journey. You need to take note of your recovery seed phrases. Your recovery phrases are the keys to your crypto wallet. So make sure to keep them in a safe place. Tap on Continue to proceed.




This is a real recovery phrase for an actual multi-coin wallet.
Does it contain anything? We will never know.

Step 4 – Verify your Recovery Phrase

If you followed Step 3 and backed up your recovery phrase, this will be a breeze.
In the correct order, select the words in order to complete the verification process. Click Continue when you are finished.




Step 5 – Wallet is Ready

After going thru the backup and verification process you will be redirected to the main wallet screen. You will see an initial list of coins that you can start funding right away. Congratulations!


How to Send Perpetual Protocol (PERP) From Wazirx to Trust Wallet

If you need to move Perpetual Protocol (PERP)  from your WazirX wallet to another wallet/exchange, you need to go through the process of Withdrawing cryptocurrency from your WazirX account.

  1. Click on Funds at the top right of your screen
  2. Select the Perpetual Protocol (PERP) you want to Withdraw
  3. Click on the Withdraw button
  4. Type or paste the Destination Address (Trust Wallet Perpetual Protocol Address ). Cross-check the destination address carefully.
  5. Enter the Coin amount you want to move. (Pro Tip: Click on Withdraw All if you want to move the full coin balance from your wallet)
  6. Add any Remarks for your own reference. (The remark will only be seen in your WazirX account and not your receiving account)
  7. Click on Proceed. You will be sent a Time Password (OTP) on your mobile
  8. Enter your OTP & Click on confirm.
  9. Open your email & click on Approve this withdrawal button in the confirmation email you receive.

    Note: If you are withdrawing XRP, XLM, EOS, you will be asked to enter your Destination address as well as Destination Tag or Memo. You must get these from the receiving exchange/wallet to which you are sending the XRP, XLM, EOS and add them to the withdrawal form on WazirX.

That’s it you have successfully Send Your Perpetual Protocol (PERP) From WazirX to Trust wallet.


Source : Wazirx & Trustwallet

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