Cryptocurrency is the next big thing in the currenct market trend. Most of us are search how or How to buy VeChain (VET) In India. in this post we are going to show you how to buy VeChain..

How to Buy VeChain (VET) Coin in India?

Buying VeChain (VET) is easy nowadays, All you need to do is find a crypto exchange which have listed VeChain as a trading pair. VeChain Listed on Most of the Crypto Exchanges. Today we are going to Choose Wazirx as a Crypto Exchange and Going to Buy a VeChain on Wazirx Exchange.


Create an Account

We need to create an account in wazirx. Go to

Choose to Create an Account

Fill out the form and verify your account.

Verify 2 Factor Authentication

2 Factor Authentication is Optional but you need to activate it for security reasons.

There are different types of 2FA methods are available. if you looking for an easy method you could choose a google authentication method. it’s easy to set up and easy to get code even in offline mode. Otherwise, You can activate 2FA using your mobile or email address.

Whenever you log in on different IP or different devices it’ll require a 2FA code to Login to your Binace Account

KYC Verification

KYC Verification on wazirx Exchange is mandatory. You need to complete your identification before buying VeChain (VET) On wazirx

Buying VeChain (VET) in India Using wazirx


There are a number of ways to buy VeChain from the wazirx homepage, including Credit/Debit Card, Cash Balance, and P2P.

Select Buy Now Option on Home Page.

You can Buy VeChain from the wazirx homepage, including Credit/Debit Card, Cash Balance, and P2P.

Choose the Preferred Amount on Your Primary Currency (USD,EURO) and Select VeChain on the Fiat Currency.

You can choose your preferred payment method here. To buy with credit/debit card, click [Visa/Mastercard]  [Continue].

Enter Your Card Information and Click Proceed.

Now you need to Check the Payment Details. In most cases, it takes a few seconds to complete the order.

That’s it You have bought VeChain on wazirx Exchange.

Now, You can Trade those coins for other pairs

You can send your coin to other Crypto Wallets.


How to Trade VeChain (VET) in India

After purchasing VeChain (VET) Now you can trade with your  VeChain (VET) Coin.

Goto Advance Mode. Now you can sell your VET for ETH or USDT or BTC.

You use the Sell Coin option to sell VET. Enter the amount you want to sell. Click the “Sell VET” bar afterward. You will see a  “Limit Sell Order Created” pop-up immediately.

Now  Open the Orders section afterward to see the limit sell order. Wait for the open order to complete, and once it happens, your trade will be completed.


How to Store Your VET on Physical Crypto Wallet?


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